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Tuesday to Saturday: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


We will turn your food into an unforgettable experience

We are born from the idea that as a restaurant, our main function is to create a connection, a link between the producer and the customer. We want to bring together those friends who provide us with the best raw materials and the diners who trust us through an excellent, seasonal, and sustainable product.

Our proposal is based on two pillars: on one hand, our suppliers, who advise us in the search for the best produce and with whom we work closely to create the menu and the dishes according to the product calendar. On the other hand, the customers who place their trust in us and visit us to intimately enjoy the pleasure of food, rediscovering flavors and products, and sharing their experience with us to help us improve.

Our cuisine

We take the best from each place, each style, technique, and philosophy to apply it to a quality product that is local and responsible. We base our cuisine on the roots of a wide range of culinary traditions from all over, thus opening a window to the world that is not tied to trends or currents. OUR GASTRONOMIC PROPOSAL IS NOT JAPANESE, NOR SOUTH AMERICAN, NOT EVEN MEDITERRANEAN. IT IS OUR OWN CUISINE.

Respect for excellent, fresh, and seasonal products, along with the pursuit of the best preparation and technique, is the soul of our craft, which is reflected not only in the palate but also in the careful presentation of each of our dishes. We work hard to incorporate ideas and processes from other parts of the world that enrich our vision with unique, exotic, and personal touches. Constant renewal and interpretation of the product in a personal and transgressive cuisine guide this vision towards new horizons that converge, merging into a sea of flavors, essences, and aromas. We travel through Oriental haute cuisine, South American cuisine, or the Mediterranean, among others, without exclusively committing to any of them but paying homage to their roots.

We want to convey values, communicate a gastronomic culture, and create a two-way bond with the customers and the city of Girona. Also with the suppliers, the environment, and the staff itself, friends, and family. They are all the cornerstone of this project, and we want to support and nurture them, seeking the maximum expression of respect for each and every one of them.